In February this year, Pinterest decided to remove all affiliate links, redirects, and trackers on Pins – leaving Power Pinners powerless to monetize their following. This leaves users with the ability to create content for a business, or curate boards as a client, very different (and much tougher) options.

As a user of Pinterest and an affiliate marketer, Pinterest was no longer a place for me so i decided to leave pinterest for good.. But i knew there was a reason for that.. At that point though, everybody knew that Pinterest was trying to look more appealing to a suitor.


Everyone knew they would come up with their own “buy It Now” button soon. So anyways we knew those not selling an actual product will have a much harder time profiting on Pinterest moving forward.

Last month, Pinterest finally unveiled what it’s calling “buyable pins” at an event at its headquarters in San Francisco. This month the mock up for that was revealed and its been made official..

Here’s how it works. Rich Pins — pins which have much more information than a normal link, such as the ingredients for a recipe or whatever — will get a new button that allows users to purchase things directly from partners that it’s working for. Users will see prices, be able to select specific types of a product (like the color), and then they can tap the button to buy the product. That item then arrives at the user’s door.

So Pinterest just became the darling of product owners. It used to be the darling of affiliate marketers but not anymore. But maybe affiliate marketers with products can swap their affiliate links for their product link when its finally operational..

Still looking for what to add to my pins and until then i think some internet marketers will find it useful while for some, they might have to look somewhere else for traffic.


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