Hi everyone,

today’s post is a short one and its just to hear your feedback on the eBooks i gave away some few days ago. i have had over 300 downloads in the last 2 days and as expected some unsubscribed after downloading the eBooks. No problem with that and i can respect their decision to do so. Not everyone likes to be on an internet marketer’s list.

But i would like you to give your feedback on the eBooks. I want to know what you feel about the eBooks and if you learnt something. I really want user engagement on this blog and i will appreciate if you get back to me on whatever i share. I want to know if what i gave out really lived up to your expectations and i can only know that if i hear your feedback.

If you don’t have your copies yet, then download them immediately here. The eBooks are both 50 pages long and you get them for free.

So let me know what you think and so keep the comments coming! Cheers


  1. i read the two the same day they were released. I just wonder how Abiola could mastered the intricacies of the internet with such precision and result. Many of the things i couldnt figure-out how Oyinbos do them were laid bare before me. But one will need the video of FWS and upcoming Affiliate Marketing to join the puzzle together if you really want to make something out of the books…even if you are a pro

  2. Thanks for the ebook of life,have been runing some research on the best affilite program and how to go about but you opened my eye on things i need to know.love u

  3. Big boss,you will never know your worth,am still enjoying d ebook,but i will let you know how things is going sir,more greese to your bone

  4. The content s are quite educating and eye opening. No short cut to success in life. Success has a route and dedicated principles. To succeed they must be followed

  5. Hi Abiola. I have been following your blogs. Great job. I signed up for the free ebooks but they are telling me “Mailing List Not Active” Why is that?


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