If you missed the round 1 of Lendconnect ICO token sales, do not miss the round 2. I talked about how important this coins is and why you should buy.

You can check my Lendconnect ICO Reviews to see why i recommend this lending platform.

Now there has been changes to the site.. The site has been rebuilt and there are changes to dashboard and everything. To login, you have to reset your password.

So go to the site and click on dashboard V2. Click on reset password and login to your email to reset your password.

You will notice changes. But to buy is simple, just click on ICO on the left. Thats where you will buy when its time. Once the clock hits 0, click the buy button and then enter amount and pay to the address that will be shown to you.

+ All features will be added once they are completed.
+ The old dashboard is now deleted.
+ This dashboard has max security + written in a much better language then PHP.
+ They now have 3 servers, and a load balancer.

ICO Round 2 will start iat exactly 19 Hours GMT or 8PM Nigerian time.
– 1 LCT = 0.75USD
– Min buy cap = 100 LCT
– Max buy cap = 1900 LCT

You can sign up and join my Lendconnect team if you have not signed up before.

Watch this video below to see the changes and how to buy in round 2.

I hope you are able to buy some tokens this time.



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