Lendconnect is a lending program with a great potential. They completed their ICO last year less than 2 months ago and the lending program starts on the 10th of january 2018.

If you bought the ICO then congratulations cause you are about to start earning a daily interest of 1.5%-5% daily with lendconnect. If you didnt buy this during the ICO, you can still be part of this as you will be able to buy the coins from those who have it. Join Lendconnect Here.

The LendConnect train is going to ride soon so be ready. Lend your LCT on 10 January and receive standard daily interest of 5% until 21.01.2018 (11 days!). But there are thins you need to do be able to lend your LCT Coin.

Some of you already noticed that the ‘dashboard’ wallet is empty, that is because you were still using your own ethereum wallet. We removed your own wallet from our dashboard, it is necessary to have your LCT in the LendConnect wallet for the lending program.

You need to send 0.005 ETH to the address under ‘my wallet’, after that send your LCT.
It can take up to 20 minutes, be patient so be patient.

Watch the video below to learn how that works



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