Now its now easier to get the money you have earned online, thanks to Payoneer. Whatever the model of marketing you are into, you can get paid by using Payoneer payment service. Its now easier to get your affiliate commissions from Amazon, Clickbank or Peerfly. Its also easier to get your freelance funds from Fiverr, Odesk or Freelancer.

Update…. This is no more open to Nigerians for now. It might be Reopened later

For those who don’t know how to get Payoneer account and Payoneer MasterCard card, read this post and apply for one.

But before now, you could only withdraw your money via the ATM if you owned a Payoneer account and MasterCard. With the card, you have to visit the ATM to get paid. Then there is the issue of charges and transaction fees when you use the card. You get charged even when you check your balance at the ATM etc. Bottom line is that, it was not the best we were getting. But now things have changed.

Payoneer has introduced Local Bank Transfer service which allows you to withdraw your funds straight into your local bank account. This service is open to anyone with a Payoneer account in 210 countries and Nigeria is now part of these countries. Now you don’t have to use your ATM every time and incur some unnecessary charges. You can withdraw your funds straight into your bank account and then withdraw via your bank ATM.

When you transfer to your local bank account, charges are lower. For now though, processing is kind of slower compared to if you withdrew via your Payoneer card.  But i know its just a matter of time and this will only improve.

NOTE… This method only works if you applied for your Payoneer card directly from Payoneer. If you applied through their partners like Fiverr, then you might not be able to do this. With Fiverr Revenue Card, you can only withdraw via Web Money instead. Other cards via their partners might also work differently.

Update…. Now you can apply for local bank transfer even if you got yours via any of the affiliates like Fiverr..

How to Apply for Payoneer Local Bank Transfer Service

First you need to have an activated account which means you must have your Payoneer MasterCard already and you account must be fully activated. To apply, log into your account and click on”withdraw” at the top. From the drop down click on “add bank account”. You will be required to confirm your account and card details like card number, card CVV, date of birth and password. This is a security measure.

After that, you can now submit your bank information to complete the sign up. This is where you get it wrong or get it right. If you enter a wrong information here, then it will not be approved. This sign up will have to be approved manually which means they will check all your details to be sure your account is in indeed correct.

Add your bank name like “Guaranty Trust Bank PLC”. Add your bank account name just like you have it on your account, then enter your 10 digit account number. For the swift number of your bank, go to Swift Code Nigeria to get your bank’s swift code and put it in the swift code space. For example, swift code of GTB is “GTBINGLA”.

For bank address, enter your local bank address. To get your local bank’s address, just Google for your bank’s website and look at the addresses of their branches. Every bank has their branches’ addresses on their site. For example, my local bank for my GTB account is Uselu branch in Benin City. So to get the address, i just looked for GTB branch locator.

On the page, I used the search box to locate my local bank address. My bank address is “158, New Lagos Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria”. Enter that just the way it is. If you can’t find yours, then go to your local branch and ask for their address.

For bank account descriptions, just enter anything like “savings account”. Agree to terms by checking the boxes and click “finish” and you are done. You should get a success message and all you now have to do is wait for official confirmation. If successful, you will get a message in your email after 2-3 days that your account has been approved.

NOTE: Your name on your Payoneer account and local account must be the same or at least close.

How to Withdraw to Your Money into Your Account

Now that your account has been approved, you can withdraw into your local bank account anytime you want. But you can only withdraw sums not less than $200 and sums not higher than $10,000 at any time.

To withdraw just log in and click on “withdraw”. Now you should have “approved” in your account. Add amount you want to withdraw in dollars but without the dollar sign. In “withdrawal description”, add anything like “i want to withdraw to my local account” or anything of that nature.

The amount should be withdrawn almost immediately and you should get a message in your email to confirm. It takes 3 days for you to get your money in your account. Now you have successfully withdrawn into your local bank account.

When i did this test, i withdrew just $480. Everything went well and i was charged $7.24 which is 1.5%. Not bad really. Best part is that, i got N80,908.15 which translate to N171 per dollar. This is a lot better than you could ever get at the ATM. Best you could get at the ATM would be about N150-N157 per dollar.

Payoneer account withdrawal

This is a better withdrawal method. Its a lot easier and then you get more for less stress. Now i can withdraw my affiliate earnings and freelance earnings with peace of mind. You too can do the same. Just follow the steps outlined above and you will be fine.

How to Withdraw Your PayPal Funds into Your Local Bank Account

To get your PayPal funds into your bank account, you need to verify your PayPal account with a Payoneer account. Payoneer gives you an American bank account which you can use to get funds anywhere. Use the account to verify your PayPal account and once you do that, you can withdraw from your PayPal account into your Payoneer account. Just follow the steps outlined above to get your money straight into your local bank account.

The only problem here is that, you need to have a foreign PayPal account that is fully verified. You also need to understand that once you start withdrawing from your PayPal account, PayPal starts looking into your account and you could be asked to do some more verifications.

Its always safer to maintain a PayPal account when you sell off the funds or buy stuffs with it. When you start withdrawing, then it gets harder to maintain. If you are prepared to take this risk, then this is it here. I just wanted to let you know that its now possible to get your PayPal funds straight into your local bank account.

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  1. Your message goes here (max 300 chars) I have read articles but I haven’t read one like this. I will be a monster if I cowardly left here without “thumbs up” and a big thanks. Very educative. God bless

  2. Thank you for the info sir. But please how do i complete my registration for payoneer application. I do not have a national id, driver’s licence or international passport

    • You need any of the three to actually get a Payoneer account and card. If you have a permanent voting card, you can give it a try. I have heard some people had success with it.

    • Its no more possible actually. Nigeria was on the list but some months back, they decided to stop direct bank transfer to Nigeria..

  3. Very educative. I still find it very difficult to fund my payoneer account and I don’t know if u can help fund it and den let’s agree to terms. U can reach me also through dis number.. 08140066612

    • You can contact someone with a Payoneer funds and he will fund it for you and then you pay him the equivalent… Contact me if you still need help with this. 07038844855

    • There are vendors that sell Payoneer funds and you can always find them on Facebook.. They will transfer the equivalent to your Payoneer via your payoneer email and you will pay them in Naira. I use my funds these days for something else…. Cheers

  4. Hello i will be vry happy if you can send me this step on how to tranfer cash from my payoneer account to my local bank account i have a payoneer master card pls send me the steps to my email tanks for the good job that you are doing for the up coming marketers

  5. hello sir, please I’m not sure how this is possible but I want to know if I can use a payoneer MasterCard for quickteller transactions……..

    like Bill payments or it’s sort

  6. Good sir, but is Payoneer no longer accepted? I contacted Auction Essistance and they say they are banned by PayPal?

    I am not sure if it is true, but I got a message from Paypal days later after adding my bank that they removed it because they are no longer being accepted.

    What are my options?

    • Yeah these days i dont think they accept most of those cards. They still accept the bank accounts attached to Payoneer but rejects the credit card number.. Some times though its accepted..

    • You can always contact the person paying you from those country to pay to your Payoneer account via your Payoneer email. All you need to do is supply them with the email and they will send you the money.. Thats it

  7. Do you have any idea how long it takes until they analyze my local account ? I just finished registering the details of my local account and I wish I knew what ‘a few days’ means.
    Thank you in advance !

  8. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for the information. I recently got and activated my payoneer master card. I tried linking it with my paypal account, but i couldn’t. i made confirmations and i realized i have to charge in some funds in the payoneer card before i could do that. Please, how do i charge in funds into my payoneer account from Nigeria? Thanks.
    You can reach me via

    • You can add funds to your Payoneer card by getting funds from other Payoneer users. What most people usually do is buy some funds from others and pay them the equivalent in their local currency. For example in Nigeria, you find someone with some funds and the person will agree to send certain amount in dollars and you pay them the equivalent in Naira..

    • Well i really don’t know much about them but you could give them a try.. Just make sure you read any reviews about the site before you try them..


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