Hello its been a while i posted on this blog. From now going forward, this blog is going to be very busy. At least an average of two posts a week. The season is almost here and i am going to get you ready to make money online during this holiday.

Online sales swells between October and the end of December. Its the all-consuming period which i like to call – “Online marketing peak season”. This is a very busy time for people to open up their wallets and buy things online. its a period where e-commerce sites see a spike in visits and sales.

For affiliate marketers for example, this is a very crucial time in the year to make money. These are some of the holidays that is coming this year…

China Single’s day, November 11… Alibaba’s Singles Day sales in China
Halloween – Oct 31st, 2015 – United States’ Holiday
Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 26th – Thanksgiving in the United States
Black Friday – Friday, November 27 – Day after Thanksgiving
Cyber Monday – Monday, November 30 – Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday
Christmas – December 25th, 2015
New Year – Jan 1st, Friday, 2016

But Whatever your models of marketing, there is something for everyone during the festive period… Its all about creating a relationship between the occasion and your business otherwise the meaning is lost.

Freelancers.. There is always more sales on Fiverr and other freelance sites during the holidays. This is the period where many webmasters need more articles. Its a website owners where people need graphics like logos, Christmas cards, headers, banners. Webmasters also need traffic, SEO, Link building etc.

So whatever you sell on Fiverr or any freelance sites, you can take advantage of the season to make more money. Read more on how to take advantage of the holiday season to make money on fiverr.

Affiliate marketers…. For affiliate marketers, there is no better time to make more sales than this time of the year. With increase in sales on e-commerce stores and other online sites, there is more opportunity and chances of converting your promoted links to sales. Like i showed you above, these are still some holidays before the year runs out.

The holidays are shopping days all around the world and if you can get people to click on your links and buy, you will make money.

You could create more blog posts and use the social media to let people know there are offers on the e-commerce sites.

For example during the china one day offer, as an aliexpress affiliate, you could inform your site viewers of the massive discount offer on that day and send them to your site via your affiliate links… Lots of people are ready to buy this offer and that is money for you.
Product Creators… As a product creator, you could create product to target the holiday season. You could write products on holiday travel tips, make money during the season, fashion during the season, weight loss guide etc.. Just think about what you could create a product on.

You could also create some discount offers on your already existing product. Its a nice way to make more money during the season.

Bloggers– Blogging this time of the year is also lucrative. There is always so many things to write about. If you write about news or gossips, there is always something more to write about this time of the year.

There are many things that come out of celebrating the holidays and you could write about them. Things that affect people or things people need during this time. You could create posts on this. For example, if your blog is about recipes, you could write blog posts on different recipes for the holiday season. How about writing health tips about the effect of overeating during the holidays etc..

If your blog is about travel, its the perfect time to write about travel tips etc… If its on gossip, there is always new celebrity gossip this time of the year.
Importers… With holiday season approaching, import growth gains. For importers, there is no better time to import goods and make money doing so. The holidays are almost here, and retailers are ready. Some smart importers have been stocking up since September.

The best time to import end of the year goods is this time.. This time of the year, manufacturers come out with great end of the year designs for clothing, shoes etc and you can import them from China and sell them off before the new year and make your money.

Christmas is something that is celebrated a lot in Nigeria and you canĀ  take advantage of of this to make money.

Other Models off marketing… Whatever you do online, there is always an opportunity to make money. You just have to be smart about it and find a way to connect the occasion to your targeted audience or buyers.

Small online business owners take advantage of the holidays and you too can do the same. Just think about what you can do to make money this end of the year.

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