UPcoin.com exchange hits the market in 10 days time and in 10 days, you will be also able to buy or sell tokens of the most profitable ICOs. No other exchange will offer you the same possibility…

This is going to be one of the best exchange sites in the world.. So if i were you, i would take advantage of the free $500 to be used to cover your commissions on UPcoin when you trade there..

The $500 free offer will be discontinued on Monday, Jan 22. If you or your friends have not registered yet, it’s time to do so. The $500 sign up bonus doesn’t count towards referral payouts.

The $500 you receive at registration can only be used to cover your trading fees.

Click on Upcoin to get $500 for free.

Enter your email on the next page and then answer some simple survey and then $500 is yours to be used to cover your commissions when you start trading..

Buy and sell your cryptos without limits at Upcoin. More than 1000 trading pairs will be available right from the start. Every week we will add new coins to increase your income.

Watch this video below for more..



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