Digitex is a Commission-Free Bitcoin Futures Trading with Zero Trading Fees. By using its own native cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, the exchange covers costs by minting new tokens instead of charging transaction fees on trades.

So unlike other exchange sites that charge high fees for transactions, having DGTX coins will eliminate those fees. You will be able to trade almost for free. This coin also gain value which means you can hold and sell for profit whenever you want.

Digitex is starting its ICO Token Sale on January 15th and you can be part of it. The best part is its cheap at just $0.01 per token. They are also giving out 1000 free tokens if you join with this link. Just enter your email on next page and will get 1000 tokens for free that you will be given when you buy the tokens on the 15th of January.

If you want to be prepared for the Token Sale please have Ether (ETH) in a wallet that can accept ERC-223 TOKENS like MyEtherWallet or Metamask wallet. This ICO does not accept Bitcoin or other coin. Only Ethereum is accepted.

There is no minimum limit to the amount of Digitex tokens you need to buy. Tokens will be sold as $0.01 per token in its equivalent in Ether (ETH).

Watch this video to see how to get ethereum and also get your ERC233 wallet ready for the launch day.



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